team symbodi

Carli Lloyd, soccer

"Little by little, every single day, month by month, year by year, just chipping away at becoming better and better. That's always been my strategy."

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Ceedee lamb, football

"I used to have knots and everything, rubbing it out by yourself is not going to get it done. If you don't have your masseuse, that's when Vertiball comes in."

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satou sabally, basketball

"Vertiball and Vertiroller are just really great because you can stick them everywhere. You can really, just find different angles that are comfortable for you."

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Taylor Rapp, Football

"It’s incredibly important to get a great cool down, making sure your muscles are all stretched. That’s where the Vertiball comes in, pop it up on any gym wall and start rolling out."

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Clelin Ferrell, football

"If I’m just walking, just getting home or something. I feel like, ‘I got a little something in my shoulder,' I just go up there, get the right angle on it and I just hit it real quick for 30 seconds and then I feel fine"

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Minkah Fitzpatrick, football

"Before I had the Vertiball, I used the big foam roller but it doesn't really get in where you need to. But when I roll out with the Vertiball, I can pinpoint specific spots."

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