World Champion soccer player

Carli Lloyd




Delran Township, NJ



Top Award:

FIFA World Player of the Year

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What makes Vertiball and Vertiroller different?

I used to travel with a lacrosse ball and roll out on it. When you're trying to put it up on a wall or lay on it, it gets a bit a bit awkward. So I came across Vertiball and my first thought was "OK, that looks really cool."

It's so much easier to be able to get into different spots on your back with Vertiball. You can stuction it to the wall and I have found that it's made me feel alot better.

"Little by little, every single day, month by month, year by year, just chipping away at becoming better and better. That's always been my strategy."

-Carli Lloyd

How do you cool down with Vertiball?

Soccer players sometimes have tight hips, glutes - all of that. Keeping loose and feeling good is really important for what I do. I take my Vertiball and Vertiroller along with me on my club games, or when I travel with the national team. It's so easy to throw it in your bag and get to work when you need it.