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Fantastic product that I use 3 or 4 times a day after being on a computer or tablet

Great idea, bought it just from the video showing that one muscle by the shoulder blade snapping back and forth and I said, "That's it, that's it, thats the area and problem!" Would have bought it just as a thank you so I can show people that tendon or muscle that hurts, but product works as promised, gets that area to release and has led to much less pain and tightness for me.

Vertiball is Great!

I got my first Vertiball a couple of years ago and loved it. My sister loved it as well so I gifted her mine, thinking I could easily replace it. I wasn’t able to find it locally in stores so resorted to ordering a “knock off” from a popular online retailer. It’s was a mistake. The product was not nearly as good and after returning it, I did some more investigating and found another true Vertiball from Symbodi. Good news is that it is as great as my first one!


I have chronic neck and shoulder issues and this what gets me through the day or what helps me relax at night. I even bring it with me when I travel! The only thing is, it still falls off the wall after some time.. or even while using. But overall, i love it!

Luis Cabezas
Symbodi vertiball

It’s great! Got rid of a knot near my shoulder blade I had for a while. The only flaw is that the ball attachment comes off easily while using it if you move in the direction that it slides off. It should have something stronger to hold lock it in place


Wow, I really love these. I am glad i bought both of these because they are definitely good for different issues. I no longer have to use a tennis ball in a long sock. 😄 such a great purchase. 🥰


I purchased it 3 weeks ago and they still haven’t delivered despite confirming my address 3 times and even sending pictures of my physical address. Customer service waits 3 days to respond to each email. There’s no phone number to call. I just want my money back because they are obviously not going to send it.

Works better than I expected

Never received my product! Was really looking forward to it too!:/

on time

great service delivered on time

Ultimate Recovery Bundle

Waste of Money

Would not stay secured to any surface. Could not return item for refund.

I love my rollerball. Works well for my neck and upper back. I am able to put my CBD infused lotion on the ball and rub it in. Good product.

Jenna M DeFazio
Too heavy for our walls!

I would like to use this product however our walls do not meet the specifications mentioned when we received it.

Bought both

Bought both and they work great. I like the ball for my lower back and the rollers for my upper back almost up to neck area.

Love it!

Bought these because tennis balls were difficult to use (and my dog kept stealing them). I'm 100% in love with them! Easy to use amd they work great on my knots! Even better, because they can be positioned anywhere, my husband has been able to ise them too.

Terrance Wyatt
Excellent Product

Better than advertised. Roller is awesome and the suction cup holds tight in place on various surfaces so you can get a strong massage on your own. This definitely 5 stars.

Works great!

These products are wonderful at working on those areas we can't easily reach. The only issue I had is that the unit will fall off my wall after a few hours. Could be a problem with the surface materials of my wall though.

Yvette Wilson
Surfaces that work

I love this massager, however, it really doesn't stick to any surface other than FLAT painted walls. It doesn't stick at home so I brought it to my office and use it there. Many of my co-workers are going to buy one, you're welcome.

Eric Morris
Vertiball effectiveness

Works great, I was using regular spike balls, and it was difficult to manipulate these against the wall. Vertiball worked perfectly.

Ultimate Recovery Bundle
Daniel Satchell

This thing is amazing !!!

Paint peeling

The only problem was that it peeled the paint on the wall

They are awesome

It really sticks on the wall and I can massage easily especially after a workout

Gareth Grenville
Love it!

Works exceptionally well! Had a little bit of a delay receiving it but once received I am very happy with the product

Ultimate Recovery Bundle
Carlos Gracia Jr

Fantastic relief and I love how it hits all the points and I don't have to worry about the ball falling or moving around. Great relief after a good workout at the gym. This bundle is my new go to.

Ultimate Recovery Bundle
Frederick Honsell
Have no review

Was a gift!; It was received larte.