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Michelle I.
DIY neck massage

I’ve suffered with neck pain for years. After getting this adjustable neck roller I can come home from work and actually massage my own neck without having to even bug my husband. Although there’s nothing like a massage from your cute hubby it’s nice to give him a break once in a while. I love that I can adjust it on the wall and put it away when I’m done so that doesn’t compete with my Decor. Yup I’m funny that way.

Good bye neck and back pain!

I want to start off by saying I absolutely love this product, right off the bat when I revived it the packing is so sleek and modern looking. Then I opened the package and saw the product itself. It is such good quality and love how it looks. I then tried it out and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use, right away I could feel relief from my neck. I am absolutely blown away by this product and wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a great massager.

gigi golato
so easy to use and travel with

I love this product , it feels so good to massage sore muscles and improve blood flow - I can put it on my door frame and there is no damage to the paint - it’s simple to reposition - I recently took this in my RV for a long road trip and it helps so much

Nora Villalobos
Useful for hard to reach areas.

This product is very useful for hard to reach areas. If your back is bothering you, and you can’t reach it then this is the product for you. It’s nice that you can easily take it off and re adjust it in another place like for example lowering it to massage your legs!

Danielle Collins
Bye bye back pain!

This is really easy to use, stuck to our wall without an issue, and gives a great massage. It's really easy to position, so that you can really dig into the crunchy spots that need it the most. I also like to use it to massage my IT bands, which also get really tight. I've added this to my morning and evening routines, and it's really preventing me from feeling too tight all day and I wake up feeling good, too. My only issue with this product is that my husband keeps taking it! Time to get a second one! I also think this would make a good self care gift, because it comes in really nice packaging and it is made of very high quality materials.

Very good product

This product has helped me a lot with the pain I feel in my neck, it is very relaxing. Approved! Amazing, I love it 🥰

Loren Laracuente
Perfect cure all!

This is a great product to have in the house. As someone who is on my feet all day, I love the convenience and ease of this product. Being able to have that back or neck pain relief always within reach has been awesome. It’s super easy to install and has been the best addition to my night time routine. I recommend this product to anyone who has constant to back pain or needs to work out any kinks in your neck. 10/10

Neha N
Lots of back pain relief

I have been sufferings from serious back pain and I have been going to physical therapy. The symbodi is amazing because when I am in serious pain I can use it to roll out my painful muscles and loosen up the tightness in my back. It is real great for some serious relief throughout my day. It has been a lifesaver and I use it as part of my daily routine!

Maggie Erskine
Perfect Massager

As an outdoor enthusiast and mother of three, I know what painful tight muscles are. And as I get older I notice them more frequently. The Vertiroller has been my saving grace. I can put it anywhere on my wall and I can hit all of the tight muscles I need to. From my lower back to my shoulders, it has been a life saver. While traveling it is easy to pack and always comes in handy. With it's high quality material, I know that the Vertiroller has my back and everywhere else too.

Amazing product

This have been my favorite product to target my lower and upper back. I love how easy it is to use and how great my back feels after using it! It’s really good quality and designed really well. I was really impressed with this product when I received it! I’ve been recommending it to all my close friends and family and they love it! Such a great buy and a great gift!

This is my 2nd order

I wanted to share this great little tool and bought one for my neice. She loves it also. I think the roller ball version is better than the single ball.

DIY Massage

The design of the balls give you a lot of relief when you roll them. I've even used the Vertiroller with my hands without sticking it to the wall to massage others or my legs and body when I'm sore from the gym.

Low Back pain relief!

I’m a Group Fitness Instructor approaching 40, and low back pain has been a regular part of my life thanks to years as a competitive gymnast. With 3 young kids at home, I don’t think about taking the time to run upstairs (where we have carpets) to do muscle recovery. I’ve tried a few other recovery products that require laying on top of them, but it was always really uncomfortable and strained my neck. I love that I can use this Vertiroller while STANDING! And that I can keep it downstairs to use while still keeping an eye on the kids. The small size is key, as I like how quick and easy it is to store, even in the kitchen. My husband is an avid runner who travels a lot so I have a feeling this will be stolen from me and packed in his suitcase every time he leaves for a trip. :)

gigi golato
Feels so good and I can take it anywhere

I can take this anywhere with me - it quickly and firmly attaches to my doorframes without damaging the paint- it’s so easy to reposition so I can work on my shoulders and then lower it and work on my glutes - getting the kinks out and the blood flowing is so important for loosening my tight muscles - we even took this in the RV on a trip and it felt so good after a long day of driving to get those massage benefits - I have replaced 3 roller type things I had - this is so much more effective - just lean in and you control the pressure - I am recommending this to everyone I know

Rachel Johns
My muscles are so happy!

I am an avid gym goer and I had tight back muscles. This has been a lifesaver for me. It seriously works out the knots and I feel so much better. It attaches to my doors in my apartment easily and I can take it down once I’m done! Highly recommend for my fellow gym goers and anyone with knots!

Love it

I’m working from home and after spending all day at computer desk I’m feeling that my back needs help.
I chose to try Vertiroller. Shipping was quick and as soon as I got it I mounted it to wall and after first use I felt much needed relieve. Im now able to massage away knots in my shoulder blades and neck! Highly recommend for at home massage

Hal Stewart

I love this product. It gave me relief the first time I used it on my neck and back.

Love it

I love this!! It's so convenient to have in the house. Mounted is a genius idea. Instantly felt pain relief after use.

Game changer

From the moment I saw this product online I just knew it was something I had to try. With me suffering from constant back pain I had to put this product to the test. It was easy to put together. The moment I put it on the wall, I knew it was very innovative. I was able to roll my back out for a long period of time. My only concern would be my knees, my knees start to lock up on me from sliding up and down too long. All in all I would recommend this device to others. Especially student athletes who can’t afford the proper in house massages

Steven K.
Sets up in seconds for quick massage

Sitting at a computer all day for work and frequent travel on budget airlines leaves my back begging for some attention. So I decided to give the Vertiroller massager a try. Using the easy to follow instructions I had it attached to suctioned on to my wall in under a minute already providing a much needed massage across my back. My favorite part of it is how easy it is to disconnect the massager from the wall and adjust the hight to reach wherever I need the massage. Most importantly it doesn't require me to be an acrobat or roll all over the floor. Highly recommended for full body massaging relief!

Anamika Chrai
Great Massager for my back

This is my go to product to release some muscle tension on my back, especially after a long day of running around. I can just easily mount it on any smooth surface in my house. The suction is great and it does an amazing job for knots. Also great for circulation especially for the areas you can't reach. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing massage. It's easy to set up and use and comes with the instructions in the user guide.

Gary J
Personalized massager!

Personalized massager! The fact that this attaches to the wall is a game changer. I’m a trainer/coach & I put a lot of stress on my body. This gives me immediate relief & I can adjust the height to massage different areas of my body. The textured outer layer really helps for knots & circulation. Been recommending this to all my clients.

Briana Beaty
So now I have a personal massage therapist...

It's like you read my mind and created this just for me. I returned home from a week of skiing with 3 kiddos, travel, being a sherpa for all the ski things and my back reminded me I am NOT 19 anymore. THIS saved me. I had used it before but this time it really saved me. I attached it to my hurricane impact rated door and was able to lean in as much (or little) as needed. It has not been back in the box since, the whole family uses it. Move it down to get your legs - game changer! My hip flexors always gets tight after a spin class - but if I come home and use this right after - no problem. You won't regret buying this!

In love with this massager!

I am in love with this massager, its perfect for full body. I am fitness trainer, everyday my mussels works a lot, so this is the best after long day. Already recommended to my clients, they also got this. Its perfect, when you need to help your body for recovery!

The best product!

Frank Kjeldsen
Great tool

. Since I bought this equipment I reduced my pain killer intake by more than 50%. Thanks for a great product.