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Release myofascial pain to eliminate muscle knots and to reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points

Vertiroller makes alleviating specific tense muscles effortless. The mobile mounting system allows Vertiball to mount to any smooth sealed surface (painted drywall surfaces, metals, plastics and laminates). No more lying on the ground to relieve muscle pain with massage rollers.

Simply lean on Vertiroller with your body weight to relieve muscle knots and tension. You control how much pressure to apply.

Vertiroller's mobile mounting system gives you access to your back and muscles like no other device on the market.

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Trigger points or muscle knots, are involuntary tight, tender spots in a contracted muscle and can be described as "myofascial pain syndrome".

Self-myofascial release has been found to increase your range of motion, flexibility, and overall athletic performance while decreasing muscle pain.


Designed to alleviate muscle pain without creating unnecessary pressure on the musculoskeletal system. Vertiroller uses MicroPoint Pressure Technology to simulate and accelarate your recovery.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle I.
DIY neck massage

I’ve suffered with neck pain for years. After getting this adjustable neck roller I can come home from work and actually massage my own neck without having to even bug my husband. Although there’s nothing like a massage from your cute hubby it’s nice to give him a break once in a while. I love that I can adjust it on the wall and put it away when I’m done so that doesn’t compete with my Decor. Yup I’m funny that way.

Good bye neck and back pain!

I want to start off by saying I absolutely love this product, right off the bat when I revived it the packing is so sleek and modern looking. Then I opened the package and saw the product itself. It is such good quality and love how it looks. I then tried it out and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use, right away I could feel relief from my neck. I am absolutely blown away by this product and wouldn’t reccomend it to anyone who is looking for a great massager.

gigi golato
so easy to use and travel with

I love this product , it feels so good to massage sore muscles and improve blood flow - I can put it on my door frame and there is no damage to the paint - it’s simple to reposition - I recently took this in my RV for a long road trip and it helps so much

Nora Villalobos
Useful for hard to reach areas.

This product is very useful for hard to reach areas. If your back is bothering you, and you can’t reach it then this is the product for you. It’s nice that you can easily take it off and re adjust it in another place like for example lowering it to massage your legs!

Danielle Collins
Bye bye back pain!

This is really easy to use, stuck to our wall without an issue, and gives a great massage. It's really easy to position, so that you can really dig into the crunchy spots that need it the most. I also like to use it to massage my IT bands, which also get really tight. I've added this to my morning and evening routines, and it's really preventing me from feeling too tight all day and I wake up feeling good, too. My only issue with this product is that my husband keeps taking it! Time to get a second one! I also think this would make a good self care gift, because it comes in really nice packaging and it is made of very high quality materials.